Design First! … in Calgary

My name is Rodolfo Ferro Casagrande, I have been working in the web field for about 10 years, 7 in an IT company covering the web designer and the frontend developer roles. I have developed a wide range of skills and expertise that I believe can be very useful to someone who needs to turn an idea into something real.

Besides these experiences, I have also worked as print designer and taught for 2 years computer science, web design and graphic design tools.

My sense of design is oriented to simplicity, sobriety and tidiness. These are all adjectives that define my sense of beauty and my way of thinking.

One of the main reasons that brought me to leave my country (Italy) and my job is just the ambition to raise my career to a higher level and push my motivation farther. I’m use to working in a dynamic environment with highly skilled people, giving my all for the job that I love and simply breathing the creativity day after day.

If you don’t mind, take a look to my portfolio